Falconry Experience Wales
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Raptor Conservation through education Corporate Sponsorship Copyright © Falconry Experience Wales. All rights reserved Sponsorship £2,000 per year (Kestrel, White Faced Owl, Barn Owl,)

Sponsorship £3,000 per year

(Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Red Kite)

* 1 Sponsorship Certificate

* A donation to Eagle Reintroduction Wales

* 12 Falconry Experience’s or attend a promotional event

* Sign with your company’s Name on the birds enclosure and your business premises

* Photo with your bird

* Publication of your name on our Sponsorship Page and outside events

Sponsorship £5,000 per year  (Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Eagle Owl,)

Corporate Sponsorship packages are suitable for companies, business owners and other organisations wishing to support our work. By sponsoring a bird at Falconry Experience Wales you are helping us to pay to feed the bird through the year. This allows us to free up funds to help maintain the centre and allow us to rehabilitate injured wild birds of prey that are brought in to us. At the moment we have two long term stay patients that had severe injuries. But the outlook now looks very promising for their eventual release back to the wild. A donation will also be made towards the work of Eagle Reintroduction Wales.the near future.

Corporate Sponsors

Eagle Reintroduction Wales is a community-based research project investigating whether the Welsh landscape is feasible to sustain two native lost species; the White-tailed and Golden Eagle. Eagle Reintroduction Wales are keen to invite the Welsh community to be as involved as possible, as we strongly believe it should be the Welsh community who develop and take this project forward.

Our main mission is to engage with Welsh communities, to understand the modern Welsh economy and environment, and to share our research knowledge and expertise through social science.

Eagle Reintroduction Wales Falconry Experience Wales is an official collaborator with Eagle Reintroduction Wales
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