Group Falconry Experience

(Advance bookings available during 2023)

Through this enjoyable encounter, we at Falconry Experience Wales will provide you with a friendly and relaxed opportunity under safe supervision, consisting of the most unusual and enjoyable combination of meeting, handling and flying our spectacular Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, and Owls, starting from the smallest such as our White Faced Owl, and working our way up to the largest such as our Bald Eagle. You will discover to your delight the individual personalities of each bird, and learn about their natural history and behaviour in the wild, and specialised techniques in training raptors in captivity so that they display natural foraging strategies as close to their wild counterparts. The experience is highly educational and unique photographic opportunities exist throughout.

We will provide you with a high flying demonstration from our one of our Falcons followed up with a short lesson on The History of Falconry, training techniques and equipment used. We will then proceed to our training ground, for an initial lesson in flying our school Hawks in a cast (more than one flying at a time).

This is without doubt the closest you will get to a bird of prey demonstrating natural behaviour and occasionally flying to your glove for a reward and in addition the views are stunning.

In addition to the birds we will be only to pleased to point out some of the interesting Flora and Fauna in this beautiful part of Mid Wales, including our local population of Red Kites soaring on the summer thermals or flying in to their communal winter roost in nearby trees.

Duration : 3 hours Price £87.00pp

We run these sessions on Sat and Sun during 2023

(This is a group experience, so you will be joined by additional guests)

Group Experience - 2023