A Nocturne Rendezvous

Just for You Experience

Owls are fascinating birds, come and meet Nakuru our Milky Eagle Owl the only one of its species flying on Experiences in Wales. The exact species you meet and fly on your experience session will vary but may include

Coedwig – Long Eared Owl

Oslo – Northern Hawk Owl

Moggie – White Faced Owl

Bo Bo’s – European Eagle Owl

Tswana & Sabi – South African Barn Owls (Flown Together)

Keesh – British Barn Owl

Bujumbura – African Spotted Eagle Owl

Taz – Indian Eagle Owl

This is a two hour handling and flying experience. Where you will have the opportunity to learn about the World of Owls. Come and view the world through their eyes. A fascinating rendezvous, providing an insight in to these ancient silent hunters and their habitats, ample photographic opportunities, so bring a camera.


(Age restrictions apply- Min Age 14 yrs)




Price £75.00 for 1 Guest (Duration 2 Hours)

Special Xmas Offer £120.00 for 2

Group Booking Please Contact us

Owl Encounter