Raptor Conservation

Barry & Luce consider themselves Raptorologists having worked with raptors for over 30 years. Also with an active background in Wildlife Conservation in the UK and abroad.

This continues today with raptor persecution happening globally from Hen Harriers in the UK to Vultures in Africa. So they are determined when ever possible highlight the plight of raptors and to raise public awareness of the on going issues.

They work with various organisations such as a Raptor Rehabilitation Centre in Namibia. Below are some details

The Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) project..

Is looking into the feasibility of bringing our lost eagle species back to soaring the skies of modern Wales. While welsh culture is shaped by leeks, daffodils and dragons, eagles are also part of our welsh heritage, biodiversity and culture …. but our skies remain bare of regular sightings of the Golden eagle (Eryr euriad) and White-tailed eagle (Eryr y mor), despite an abundance of suitable habitat for both here.

Both species have been extinct as a breeding species for over 150 years. The welsh landscape has changed significantly since both species of eagle last bred here. This research project, led by Sophie-lee Williams at Cardiff University, in partner with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Wildlife Trust Wales (WTW) are gathering scientific evidence and collating a research case-to present to statuary conservation agencies to get the ball rolling with a potential reintroduction programme for either or both species.

Nature Travel Wildlife Conservation and Veterinary Trust Mission Statement

The main aim of the Trust is to play an active role in wildlife conservation in Namibia and Africa, both by providing veterinary services and assisting with veterinary related expenses for injured wildlife and emergency translocation of wildlife species, and by contributing to the resolution of conservation related matters in the region.

The Trust will further aim to assist the public and other conservation role players by having veterinarians, veterinary equipment, veterinary medicine and veterinary expertise/knowledge available and on standby. .

Raptor Rescue – the leading specialist Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Charity

Raptor Rescue was founded in 1978 by a group of falconers in the North West of England concerned that there was no recognised specialist organisation able to treat the large number of sick or injured Birds of Prey that came into care.

Since inauguration, Raptor Rescue has evolved into the UK’s foremost organisation dedicated to ensuring all sick and injured Birds of Prey are cared for by suitably qualified people and wherever possible released back into the wild. In the intervening years Raptor Rescue has moved from being a group of concerned individuals to become a Registered Charity, number 283733, with a board of Trustees responsible for control and management.

Since it was set up Raptor Rescue has continued to grow steadily and has been instrumental in caring for and rehabilitating many thousands of Birds of Prey by establishing a national network of rehabilitators and experienced carers to undertake the demanding task of treating the birds that come into care each year.

Hen Harrier Day & Hen Harrier Day Wales

Hen Harrier Days celebrate one of the UK’s most beautiful, charismatic – and now rare – birds. They are also an occasion to raise our voices against the main reason for that rarity – illegal persecution. They are a symbol also for wider problems in our uplands

Hen Harrier Day Online is our great new event for 2020. With top presenters Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin leading a starry line-up, there will be lots going on. Save the date: the event will be live-streamed from 10am to 4pm on 8 August 2020