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Omaha, Nebraska

Reviewed 4 weeks ago

Amazing experience, highly recommend!

We spent an amazing afternoon with Barry, Luce, and an assortment of different birds. Barry and Luce were both so accommodating and knowledgeable. You can definitely tell that this is more than a hobby for them, and they truly love what they do. My brother and I are from the US, so being able to handle a bald eagle was a once in a lifetime experience for us. Barry even brought out a bird that is native to our state. This experience was so educational and fun, I can’t say enough good things about our visit. Each bird had their own cute personality and it was such a treat seeing how they interacted with their handlers. I wish we lived closer, so we could go back again!

West Sussex, UK

Reviewed April 2019

I was bought this experience for my 60th birthday and it was worth every penny. The knowledge of Iolo, Barry and Luce was formidable but 100% genuine as well. There was a mixture of experienced bird watchers and novices like me and as a novice I was treated with warmth and everyone shared their knowledge willingly in a very friendly encompassing way. Iolo shared his experiences with us and I have not laughed so much for ages. Barry and Luce showed us their love of their birds and their close relationships with them which was inspiring. I would recommend this experience to everyone and I can only say thank you to Iolo, Barry and Luce for sharing the day with me and the others

Reviewed May 2019
I can wholeheartedly recommend every aspect of Falconry Experience Wales. The setting shows off the best of Wales’ rolling hills and lush countryside. The owners of Falconry Experience Wales, Barry and Luce are passionate professionals who strive to ensure visitors have a truly unforgettable experience.
The website gives a comprehensive summary of what visitors can expect. There are a range of activities and experiences available. I purchased the ‘Just For You’ experience for my husband as a Christmas gift which he actually took in May ( the vouchers are valid for 12 months). This was a four hour long experience which was absolutely thrilling and will not be forgotten. The skills and knowledge demonstrated by both Barry and Luce ensured we were totally captivated. The opportunity to see, handle and fly a range of wonderful birds is one I can totally recommend. Every bird is a stunning example of its species and are so well cared for and understood by Barry and Luce it was a privilege to become a part of their world if only for a few hours.
Well done Falconry Experience Wales and THANK YOU!!!!!


Welcome - In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir father of National parks

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our engagement initiative encourages visitor participation in our bird of prey outdoor activities. so as to connect with, and enjoy wildlife and wild places. unique activity experiences to connect us with nature providing insights and interests to wild spaces
our activities can be physical and energetic, or sedentary, relaxing and reflective, facilitating participants enjoyment and suitable for all ages. Promoting the value of Wales beautiful wild places.
Natures happiness
Research shows that even short engagements with nature leads to positive emotions, including awe, contentedness and that of joy, helping nature, engaging with nature therefore being happier and healthier, well you cannot fault this concept, that which has become the very empathy of team falconry experience Wales, designed on the basis of providing our guests with truly immerse. Natural interaction with birds of prey within the stunning Dyfi biosphere, which the birds call home. We believe in supporting and sustaining a healthy environment for eco tourism. Falconry experience Wales now in our 20th year are proud to provide one to one outdoor activities for all ages nestled within 120 acres of the beautiful Dyfi valley with panoramic views of the Cambrian mountains and Snowdonia mountain ranges.
The perfect setting for visitors to Wales and for that memorable day out with the family, a journey to a world through birds eyes overlooking the stunning welsh countryside .
Over the years Falconry Experience Wales, a husband and wife team, alongside our activity based experiences that we provide, have supported, and worked with many high profile local and distant events supporting charities, schools, hotels and education for conservation presentations within the zoological association, Snowdonia national parks, associated projects .
Our most recent presentation was for the Prime Minister and family and friends, and Mr.Rufus Bellamy, National advisor on conservation, during his recent ecotourism meeting held in Wales. We are currently working with film companies for productions for cadw and welsh assembly to promote tourism in Wales with our specially trained birds of prey to discover Wales from a birds eye point of view supporting Wales as a whole. also we are working alongside the natural history unit Terramater, for the promotion of the £10,0000 film brothers of the wind, the way of the eagle soon to be released in the uk, for Golden Eagle preservation

Our story with their love of birds of prey and a common interest in conservation and protection, public engagements through outdoor activities

Your Hosts & Raptorologists

Barry Macdonald, is from Machynlleth and has extensive knowledge in the field of nature conservation, falconry and tourism. Over 35 years Barry has worked for the RSPB, North Wales wildlife trust, and the London wildlife trust here in the UK. Barry has also worked as a field ornithologist in the Gambia, where for 7 years also Barry was a safari manager/tour leader with Gambia River Safari’s Leading bird watching groups, Barry has also continued his work as an field ornithologist in south Africa, and Israel, and  Guides tours Worldwide to Countries including Namibia, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Botswana with naturalist Iolo Williams who Barry has worked with for over 30 years

Luce Green, is from Llandudno North Wales, and too has worked with wildlife since childhood. Luce has a deep set passion for wildlife conservation and education, as well as having vast knowledge in the study of animal behaviour and ethno ornithology, gaining valuable experience within a zoological environment in later years, through her work Luce studied animal care and management to include introductory veterinary nursing qualifying with 18 distinctions, and with a deep empathy for the visiting public Luce has now presented to visitors for 25 years. Both Luce and Barry, have combined their knowledge, wildlife passion, and presentation skills, and as for the last 20 years as falconry experience Wales, invite visitors to their centre and share their love for wildlife preservation through natural interaction and hands on experiences for all, combine this in a homely Mid Wales environment and on a one to one basis, supporting sustainability and eco tourism. Falconry Experience Wales as quoted by a visitor in a review on Google, is top of the tree for all the family.

Falconry Experience Wales has now developed a sister company Natoura Voyage also run by Barry and Luce With nature conservation and tourism set in our hearts, Natoura Voyage which specialise in Atol protected wildlife safaris worldwide from Wales also and is supported by our guest tour leader Iolo Williams tv wildlife presenter and naturalist. From each tour a donation is made to various wildlife conservation projects worldwide, our first tour was with Iolo visiting Namibia and Botswana, our guests experienced rehabilitation in an elephant and rhino hospital which has just been opened our guests will get experience from such rehabilitation projects with endangered species and are active in what our donations are supporting. Most of the guests who had booked this tour with us, were previous visitors to our falconry / bird of prey centre which has inspired them to support wildlife conservation here in the UK and abroad too. Adding to the dedication of providing various hands on experiences to our visitors in which Falconry Wales has been awarded the hall of fame certificate of excellence 2018 with consistent 5 star reviews annually since the start of us using trip adviser, and working actively on various projects supporting eco tourism, Barry and Luce are also licensed bird of prey rehabilitators working with raptor rescue, the wildlife crime prevention team of mid Wales, RSPB, and Cambrian veterinary surgery with a high success rate of raptors releasable, visitors feel comforted in the knowledge through our experiences and conservation work that they can contact us when placed in the situation of finding an injured bird. Promoting citizen science through our outdoor activities. Many of our visitors are now active towards wildlife conservation

Our Commitment

We here at falconry experience Wales wish for friends colleagues and clients to join together and enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere set within the grounds of our centre, so that we can educate and demonstrate the fascinating and exhilarating art of falconry techniques. To build respect rapport and trust with these magnificent birds each with their own personality, individual character in their natural environment is a wonderful challenge, requiring teamwork, knowledge into behaviour of different species and cooperation between falconer and the bird, and as experienced animal behaviourists we wish to lead the visiting public and alike who are interested in birds of prey, and the various aspects of falconry, culminating into that magnificent feeling of a bird of prey flying to the gauntlet n a non forced environment.

Over the last few decades the use of birds of prey in free flying educational demonstrations has increased enormously and have proved to have a great deal of relevance in the modern day. Education for conservation and preservation. we are not a show.

It is important for the visitor to see any collection working raptors and owls for such purpose, that the standards of husbandry and management, in which we have countless responsibilities, is that of the highest standard. It is important that these demonstrations have the highest educational value, and are safely run, and have foremost, the welfare of birds of prey reared in captive environments. This is which we are committed too.

People love to make contact with nature. They enjoy the wonder when observing birds of prey because they are unusual, or familiar but very rarely seen closely. When visitors are presented in an attractive setting, with the birds welfare in mind, then they are undoubtedly exciting to see. The variety, shape, colour, habits, and sounds provide constant enrichment and happiness. The do the unexpected they cause wonder this stimulus is usually enough to make the viewer want to know more,

It is our belief and commitment, an essential combination of attractive style and presentation with an informative message to the visitor and is of paramount importance

Our commitment to our visitors provides unique and factual opportunities, for all ages interested in studying bird of prey behaviour.

  • We are committed to the extent of presentation
    Committed to procedure and quality of content for the visiting public
  • Committed to instruction for explanation with empathy for the visitor
  • Committed to various levels of audience
  • Committed to the physical requirements of differing audiences
  • Committed to which the clients are held with interest by the interpreter
  • Committed to the extent of character and individuality area portrayed to our visitors to enhance the sense of place Staff here at falconry experience Wales, Luce and Barry, have all the relevant expertise in dealing with questions from the clients effectively with constructive extent without the effect of sounding intrusive. As staff we are mindful of all health and safety procedures in all areas dealing with birds of prey.


Adding to the dedication of providing various hands on experiences to our visitors in which Falconry Experience Wales has been awarded certificate of excellence with consistent 5 star reviews annually since the start of us using trip advisor, and working actively on various projects supporting eco tourism, Barry and Luce are also licensed bird of prey rehabilitators working with raptor rescue, the wildlife crime prevention team of mid Wales, RSPB, and Cambrian veterinary surgery with a high success rate of raptors releasable, visitors feel comforted in the knowledge through our experiences and conservation work that they can contact us when placed in the situation of finding an injured bird.

We also provide specialist educational courses to assist rangers who work within parks and wildlife reserves and working with the community for the preservation of British birds of prey


Our bird of prey experience activity days are personal and private in nature. We provide our visitors with professionally guided opportunities to meet and handle a variety of raptors, representing many species from around the world on a one to one basis.

All our experiences include falcons, eagles, hawks, buzzards, owls, and red kite being flown. Birds ranging for a tiny 5oz to the magnificent of 8 lb plus with over 7 ½ foot wingspan. Our guests also enjoy the thrill of watching a demonstration with the fastest of raptors the falcons being flown to the lure, and they themselves can call the falcon down to the lure at the end of the demonstration, participating in the remarkable teamwork with our professionally schooled birds of prey.

We provided all our guests of all age groups with an impressive insight into the magnificent world of birds of prey and help in assisting our guests for the future preservation of our red and amber list species here in the UK. We have had many many guests this summer build nest boxes for barn owls and kestrels, the children have been the most creative after visiting us.

We have made good friendships with all our visitors many from overseas, many just did not want to leave us and go home which has really humbled us along the way..and have since returned to see us and participate in other experiences we offer they truly love it here and that love has gained us a hall of fame certificate of excellence..also outdoor venue of the year 2018 & 2019 at the welsh hospitality awards Cardiff. Small Business of The Year 2019 and Wildlife Experience of The Year 2022.